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The Gunjur School Building Design

Designed by Award Winning duo Kamal and Shibanee Architects

Founders of Total Environment

  • THE DESIGN - Our design brief was challenging. But the Architect, Mr. Kamal Sagar, Founder of the award winning company Total Environment, took up the challenge and integrated the requirements with his own design focused philosophies. The end result is a beautiful building built of exposed materials, each of which brought out its own character. The design intent could be met not by hiding building material with plaster and paint, but by exposing them. The design eventually took shape through the use of Exposed Concrete Structures, also known as Form Finished Concrete, and natural material such as Kota stone for flooring. The building design includes large open spaces for children to interact, with plenty of natural light and ventilation coming through the building. The clever use of pergolas adds a phenomenal dash of light and shadow play when the sun shines through.
  • EXPOSED CONCRETE BUILDINGS - Exposed concrete structures have been in use for many decades now. Many famous buildings in India, and abroad have been built with this material. Buildings such as the Assembly Building in Chandigarh and the Mill Owners Association in Ahmedabad have been designed by the famous Architect Le Corbusier, who used Exposed Concrete. Other buildings include those designed by Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer such as the Supreme Federal Court and the National Congress Building in Brasilia. Take a look at the pictures below examples of such buildings, and of The Foundation School.

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