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School Rules

Applicable for all Foundation Schools


The Foundation school has several policies relating to conduct, attendance, fees, general interaction with parents, admissions, uniforms, breaks, medical status etc. Overarching all of these policies is the fact that the school focuses on being child centric. This implies that all rules and regulations are created to ensure that the school's students have the best possible experience during their educational journey.

The second aspect of the school's policies is that the school will comply with all statutory rules and regulations as specified by the government and the education board. 


1. All students will maintain the highest standards with respect to Academic Honesty and behaviour. Malpractices of any kind will attract disciplinary action.

2. Students are expected to maintain their attendance and punctuality.

3. Students are expected to fully participate in class, various school events and educational trips.

4. Politeness will be the norm. All students will behave with decorum with each other, school teachers and other school staff.

5. Students are expected to be environmentally aware and will ensure that their actions do not spoil the school environment in any way, be it through throwing waste paper, garbage, food or by damaging trees and plants in the school. Students are expected to maintain cleanliness in all school areas.

6. Students will not wilfully damage any school property such as walls, doors, windows, chairs, desk, sports equipment, electrical fixtures, toilet fixtures, lab equipment etc.

7. Students are expected to not physically or emotionally hurt each other. Bullying is strictly prohibited and will attract disciplinary action.

8. All school employees, contractors, helpers and people working in other roles in the school either directly or indirectly will maintain the highest standards with respect to integrity and honesty. Malpractices of any kind will attract disciplinary action.


1. Students are expected to participate in a variety of events organized by the school, including sports, music, cultural, outings etc. Parents need to ensure that their wards attend all of these events as they are crucial to their development. If a student cannot attend for any reason, parents needs to inform the class teach well ahead of time along with the reasons.

2. The school will address any concerns that parents may have regarding any facet of the school's function including academics, infrastructure, co-curricular activities etc. Parents are required to meet with the class teacher after seeking appointment.

3. Parents are requested not to go to the classes directly during school hours. They need to contact the front office personnel who will arrange for them to meet their wards.

4. Parents are requested to take an appointment with teachers or the principal apriori, in case they would like to meet them for any reason.

5. Parents should ensure that their wards do not bring any mobile phones, video games, personal music devices etc. to the school. The school will not be responsible for the loss or damage of such items by the student. If the teacher finds such items with the student, the teacher will keep the items till the parent comes and claims them.

6. Parents please note: Students are strictly prohibited from bringing any inappropriate material to school, be it magazines, books, photographs etc. Such action will attract disciplinary proceedings.

7. Parents must refer to the school calendar, their ward's diary and other circulars on a daily basis to ensure that they are up to date will all communication and events in the school.

8. The Foundation School follows a value of "RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL". Parents are expected to follow this value. Therefore, parents are requested not to use strong language, be abusive, speak in a loud and irritable manner to any staff or student of the school. If the parent is irate, it is better to calm down before visiting the school. The school staff has been instructed not to deal with parents who exhibit the above mentioned behaviours. The school is dedicated to making sure that parents concerns are addressed the the best possible extent, and this will only be done if the parents exhibit civility. Similarly, the school staff have also been strictly instructed not the exhibit the above mentioned behaviour with any child or parent, failing which they will face disciplinary proceedings at the school.


1. Please see the following link(s) for payment information:

Gunjur School: Parents are requested to visit the Gunjur School page for fee information

Whitefield School: Parents are requested to directly contact the school 

Malleshpalya School: Parents are requested to directly contact the school

2. Parents are requested to make the fee payments on time to facilitate proper functioning of the school. 


1. Students are expected to arrive at the school on time unless there are extenuating circumstances that prevent them from doing so.

2. In case students traveling in the school bus are late, the responsibility will lie with the school

3. Repeated late coming will be escalated to the principal, and parents may be required to visit the school for a discussion on how this can be avoided.

4. Students traveling between rooms for various classes are expected to take no more than 3 minutes to go from one room to the other.

5. Students wishing to absent themselves from school will need to apply for leave apriori with a letter to the class teacher. If students are absent without prior information, parents are required to inform the class teacher as to the reason for the absence.


While the Foundation Schools follows the statutory laws and procedures governing admissions, each branch may have its own specific processes around admissions and withdrawls. Please contact the respective school's administration for more information.


1. Please see the following links for information on uniforms. The fees page in these links provide the required information:

Gunjur School: Parents are requested to visit the Gunjur School page for more information

Whitefield School: Parents are requested to directly contact the school

Malleshpalya School: Parents are requested to directly contact the school

2. Students are expected to be well dressed and presentable. If students frequently arrive in an unpresentable condition such as with disheveled hair, coloured hair, uncut nails, unpressed clothes, torn socks, damaged shoes etc, a note will be sent to the parents. 


1. The schools will have different break schedules for students of various classes. For details, parents are requested to contact their ward's class teachers.

2. Students are expected to adhere to their break schedules and should be back in the class on time.

3. At times, Students may be requested to stay back during breaks if they need to complete any pending work.


1. Parents are expected to get a thorough medical checkup every year for their wards. This includes physical checkups, eye tests, hearing tests and dental checkups.

2. In case of any medical issues, parents are expected to inform the school immediately in order to ensure that the teachers are aware of the situation. This will help the school be sensitive to the child's condition.

3. In case a child falls sick while in school, medical attention will immediately be provided. If the condition is of a serious nature or is an emergency, the parent will be informed immediately.


1. What route will the bus take? Please do refer to the route-map provided by the school, to determine the route your child is likely to take to the school. If your place of residence does not fall on this route, please do ask at the office if transportation facility could be extended to your residence.

2. Is transport guaranteed with admission to the school? Admission to the school is not a guarantee of provision of transport service for residences away from the published transport routes.

3. How are pickup and drop points determined? If the roads are narrow and we believe that the bus would not be able to reach all the way to your home, or if it is difficult for the bus to take a U-turn (since reversing is dangerous, we do try to minimise reversing of the bus), we will request you to come to the nearest serviceable point. There might be times that you would be required to cross-the road to board the bus. While attempt is to pick up all children from home in the mornings, it might not be possible to provide home-pick-up-service to all. We might request you to bring the child to a main point in the morning. In the afternoon, all attempts would be made to drop the child upto the home.

4. My child is a CONTINUING student. When will transport service begin for my child? Preprimary/ Primary/ Middle/ High school: For continuing and new students the transportation service would begin on the first day of the school, with a pick-up from pick-up point (i.e., if their place of residence continues to be the same). If there are changes in the pick-up/drop timings, you shall be intimated about the same earlier.

5. My child is a NEW student. When will transport service begin for my child? Primary/ middle/ high school: For new students the transportation service would begin on the first day of the school, with a drop from the School to home. We request parents to please bring the child from home to the School on the first day of School.

Pre-primary students: For new students the transportation service would begin only after the child has settled down in the School.

6. How long does it take for the transport service to settle down? While a dry-run is carried out before the first day of transport service, please do expect some delays in the first week of service.

7. Will the driver give a phone call if we are not at the designated stop on time? The driver will not call if the child is not at the designated stop on time.

8. Will the driver wait for my child if we are not at the designated stop on time? The driver will wait for only one minute beyond the given pick up time.

9. What if I am not at the stop to pick up my child on her way back home? The bus-staff have been instructed to bring the child back to the school if the parents/care-giver is not at the designated stop. Before that they will try to contact the parents over the phone.

10. What is pick-up-card? Why is it necessary? Pick-up-card is a document that has the child's photograph and the photograph of the parents/grand-parents/care-givers who are likely to pick up the child from the school bus / school. If the right pick-up card is not shown, the bus-staff have been instructed to bring the child back to the school.

11. How often does the bus run late? While our endeavour is to have the bus reach on time, the traffic conditions in Bangalore are unpredictable. We do experience delays once/twice in a month. In case of inordinate delays we do try to inform the parents.

12. Can I call up the bus driver to find out their location? Since the bus driver is likely to get distracted while driving please call the 'akka' whose phone number would be provided to you. Only if you are unable to reach akka should the driver be called.

13. Until what age do you insist that the parent should be there to pick up the child at the bus stop? We insist that parents/care-givers should be present to pick up the child until Grade 5.

14. Who should I call in case of concerns about the bus service? Please do contact the Administration Coordinators about bus service.

15. If there is a break down of the regular school bus and arrangements are made for another bus to pick up my child, how will I be informed about it? Until you receive a call from authorised phone numbers, please do not send your ward in any other bus. These numbers shall again be provided during Orientation.

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