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Middle and Senior School

Growing up!

By the time a child enters middle school, she has built a strong foundation in basic science, math, language and social studies. She now requires a higher degree of stimulation and is ready to assimilate sophisticated concepts. Our school enables this through several avenues such as math labs, composite labs, practical work outside of the classroom using real world material etc.
The Foundation Schools in varthur has a middle school section from grade 6 to grade 8. Classes in the middle school will continue to follow the schools core learning methodologies such as experience learning, catering to unique learning styles, helping the child reflect, encouraging social interactions and allowing the child to pursue interests through projects and self paced learning. 

At this level, the intensity of academic activities increases. Students will need to focus on building knowledge, skills and resilience for the upcoming board exams. The Foundation school builds on the experience that the student has gained in the middle school, and supports her in developing concentration and in helping her focus on core academic concepts. 

The Foundation Schools near Varthur campus, houses the 9th and 10th grades and provides these classes with the infrastructure and academic support necessary for excellence in the board examinations. Grade 11 will be introduced in 2020

Focus Areas

  1. INSPIRE TO ASPIRE - Role models are very important during one's formative years. At The Foundation School, we expose students to inspiring leaders, their thoughts and their lives. This will help them aspire to reach greater heights in their future careers. We will also have lectures by various visiting faculty on subjects such as Science and Humanities it now!
  2. BUS LEADERSHIP -  Leadership opportunities abound everywhere if one looks for them. At The Foundation Schools in whitefield, we have introduced the concept of Bus Leadership, where students in the middle and high school, are given an opportunity to take responsibility for younger students, monitor them, and help them when required. Such opportunities provide avenues for students to inculcate leadership qualities through practice.
  3. PREPARING FOR FUTURE EXAMS - Preparation for important exams such as the board exams, require students to understand how to answer questions of various types. For example, to what detail should one answers a 1 mark question, versus a 3 marks or a 5 marks question? Similarly, there are various other techniques for answering questions that will help them better express their knowledge, and help them with better grades. A great foundation at this age will give them a leg up in preparing for any exams at a later point in time.


* English
* Kannada
* Hindi
* French
* Mathematics
* Social Studies
* Science
* Computers
* Reasoning

* English
* Hindi/Kannada/French
* Mathematics
* Social Studies
* Science
* Information Technology (as an additional optional subject)

* Subject 1: English Core
* Subject 2: Chemistry
* Subject 3: Mathematics
* Subject 4 and 5 (Any two):
   a. Mathematics
   b. Biology
   c. Computer Science
   d. Information Technology
(Note: Computer Science and Information Technology cannot be taken together)

* Subject 6 (Optional, any one):
   a. Business Administration
   b. Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
   c. Information Technology
(If Information Technology or Computer Science is taken as Subject 4 or 5, then Information Technology cannot be taken as Subject 6)


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