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The Foundation School at Gunjur 

Primary to Sr. Secondary
PrePrimary Montessori

Affiliated to CBSE (Aff. Code: 830712)


Nestled in serene, green surroundings, the school at Gunjur is housed in a large 2 acre campus. The well equipped campus includes large classrooms, science labs, math labs, computer labs, performing arts spaces, a large playground, sports facilities such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis etc.
The school offers programs at the pre-primary level (Montessori), Primary level (grades 1 to 5), Middle school level (grades 6 to 8) and Secondary School level (grade 9 and 10). Grade 11 will be introduced in 2020. The school provides transportation facilities for students and teachers.

The Gunjur School Building has been designed by the award winning duo Kamal and Shibanee Architects, who are also the founders of the award winning company Total Environment. 

The Foundation School


The Foundation School

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The Foundation School


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