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The Foundation School in Whitefield

PrePrimary Montessori


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Foundation School Whitefield,
Education is the foundation upon which the future is built: Conceived and established by the top of their class IIT and IIM Alumni, Foundation School in Whitefield has an exceptional name in education. The Foundation School, specialized in the Pre-primary program, follows the Dr.Maria Montessori method and has bespoke activities. Our bright and cheerful classrooms are uniquely designed to cater to the natural curiosity of young minds. We are passionate about creating a secure environment to nurture physical and emotional and social development in children.

Foundation School @ Whitefield Strategically located near the Borewell Road, Foundation school Whitefield has easy access to the neighborhood roads like the Whitefield main road, Nallurahalli, Ramagondanahalli, Kundalahalli Gate, ITPL, Mahadevpura, and Marathahalli. Its walking distance from the Whitefield Post Office makes it easily accessible for parents and children. An informal door is open always for parents and caretakers to watch the kids adapt to a school environment.

Foundation School Offers you the State of the art facilities:

Infrastructure: With over 12,000 square feet of space, Foundation School is a warm, caring and vibrant school that provides support and a safe learning environment for all children. With over 9 Montesorri classroom environments to explore and grow, we at Foundation school provide a flexible schedule that allows time for children to play, observe, reflect and practice. Dr.Maria Montessori who found the Montessori method believed that He must do it himself or it will never be done, hence we at Foundation School have a special garden, a nature study area, and play areas for nature stimulation in children. The Foundation School takes pride in having the best infrastructure such as a fully equipped and age-appropriate library and a Performing Art center where children get to learn various art forms like dance, drama, and music. Further, there are also separate kitchen and resting rooms to cater to children's needs.  

Activities at Foundation School Whitefield: There are plenty of developmentally appropriate activities on a day to day basis that encourages young children to absorb various concepts. We see each child as a unique individual and a great potential to learn. We believe that small sessions encourage children to build self-confidence as they explore the world under the close guidance of our teachers. Hence we at Foundation School have a schedule that allows time for children to play, observe and practice. We also have annual activities that parents may partake like annual day, sports day, a celebration of various festivals and national events.

School trips/Field trips at Foundation School Whitefield:The Foundation School conducts various educational field trips in and around the vicinity of Whitefield. These are mainly to provide first-hand exposure to children in the Post office, Parks, Police station, etc. Our highly qualified teachers act as facilitators, providing the necessary guidance and instruction to the students to ensure the safety of the children.

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Montessori FAQ

The term Montessori refers to a method of education created by Maria Montessori. The Montessori methodology is very popular in India and in many parts of the world. While the Montessori methodology is applicable to all age groups of students, it is most popularly adopted at the pre-primary level in India.

The Montessori methodology consists of a child-centric model that includes hands-on learning. The methodology encourages self-directed activities amongst children, who are guided by trained Montessori teachers. Children learn at their own pace and move on to other activities only when they have mastered the current activity. Further, the Montessori method accelerates reading and writing through the use of phonetics. Lastly, the Montessori classrooms (called environments) are multiple age environments with students between the ages of 3,4 and 5 learning together.

Montessori students adjust quickly to regular academics when they go to grade 1. They are fully prepared, and often do better than other students in higher grades. Here is a link to a video by the founders of google, who talk about the influence that Montessori education had on them. 

In a multiple age learning environment, students from the ages of 2, 3 and 5 learn together in the same classroom. This method has several benefits. The junior students learn from the senior students, and this accelerates their comprehension and skills. The senior students learn patience and leadership skills when dealing with the junior students.  

The Montessori methodology involves hands-on learning. Every learning topic is supported by learning materials that children use, to understand that topic. Children typically learn to use simpler material and gradually move on to more complex ones, as their knowledge increases.  

All Montessori schools are not the same as they may follow the Montessori methodology to varying degrees. A good way to understand if a school follows the Montessori methodology is to see the classroom. The material is typically arranged in shelves and there is enough space for students to work on various activities. Take a look at what our Montessori environments look like in this video .  

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