Montessori Methodology


Montessori Methodology at Pre-Primary

At the Foundation School, we have adopted the Montessori Methodology at the heart of our curriculum for the pre-primary level. This system of education espouses a child centric approach where children learn in a carefully created environment. It provides a range of material to stimulate a child’s interest through self-directed activities in order to promote physical understanding of concepts. It respects children, their needs during growth and their individuality.

The Montessori methodology treats each child as an individual, and not just another student in the classroom. Thus, each child moves at her pace, exercising her interests while working towards developmental goals.

The Montessori methodology is immensely popular across the world and many famous people are products of this system. Here is a video of the Google founders talking about the impact the Montessory methodology had on their early education.

Google founder Sergey Brin discusses his experience as a Montessori student