Middle and Senior School


Middle School

By the time a child enters middle school, she has built a strong foundation in basic science, math, language and social studies. She now requires a higher degree of stimulation and is ready to assimilate sophisticated concepts. Our school enables this through several avenues such as math labs, composite labs, practical work outside of the classroom using real world material etc.

The Foundation School at Gunjur will be introducing the 6th and 7th grades from the academic year 2016-17. Classes in the middle school will continue to follow the schools core learning methodologies such as experience learning, catering to unique learning styles, helping the child reflect, encouraging social interactions and allowing the child to pursue interests through projects and self paced learning.

High School

The Foundation School's campus at Gunjur near Varthur, will house the senior schools in the coming years. We will continue with our philosophy that includes hands on, and experiential learning. For more information on future plans, please contact us.